2-way English Channel 80km swimming to tackle climate changes

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Above: Vitek with his two sons

Rostislav Vitek, this July, is going to attempt a 2-way English Channel crossing swimming from England to France and back to England again without wetsuit, a distance of around 80km, attempting to break the world record of 16h 10min set by Philip Rush in 1987. Water temperature is estimated to be 12-16 degrees Celsius. In 2009, Vitek set the national record in Czech Republic to swim solo one way across the English Channel at 7 Hours, 16 minutes and 25 seconds, which was also the fourth fastest solo swim of all time. He agrees that global warming is an SOS issue all of us in the world are facing right now. He believes that the decrease of glaciers and the increase of sea level are associated with global warming. As an open water and marathon swimmer, he wants to do something for the next generation. He hopes to use this swimming challenge to draw the public’s attention to the issues related to our ocean. At least half of the raised fund will go to Friends Of The Earth (https://friendsoftheearth.uk) which has projects to tackle climate changes with various approaches. The rest will be used to cover part of the expenses of the challenge.

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